PRIMAL® SK Royal Rapid M – Ripening Culture for Long-Term Matured Flavour in a Short Period of Time

Raw sausage – the supreme discipline of sausage production. A raw sausage speciality achieves its full flavour in particular through individual maturing and storage. This natural process takes up valuable time which costs money.

Thanks to the Kurt-van-Hees research funding, we have now managed to find a new way to create southern Mediterranean products. With PRIMAL® SK Royal Rapid M, a ripening culture for Mediterranean specialities which was developed to create the mild, full-bodied flavour profile of long-term matured raw sausage in a short time. The use of flavour enhancers, aromas or fine mould cultures is not necessary here.

This is a new process technology in the production of starter cultures where yeast is enriched in a special nutrient broth which allows the typical flavour components to develop. The yeast fermentate is spray-dried, then mixed and packed together with lactobacillus curvatus and staphylococcus carnosus. The ripening culture achieves a fast, mild acidification within 24 hours with stable colouring and colour retention. This means a safe pH value process throughout the whole production procedure. In connection with the corresponding maturing mixture PRIMAL® Select oGAF, the flavour profile of a long-term matured raw sausage is complete. Thanks to the specific selection of spice extracts with low microbacterial contamination, the ripening culture achieves its full potential to permit a fail-safe production without any off taste.

With the new ripening culture PRIMAL® SK Royal Rapid M, VAN HEES has taken an important step for clean-label products. The large retail chains are demanding increasing numbers of clean-label products from their suppliers, if possible with very few additives, flavour enhancers, colourings and aromas. In order to meet these demands while retaining shelf-life and safety as well as continuing to guarantee the fresh flavour of foodstuffs, innovative paths must be followed. VAN HEES sees a great future for the use of alternative raw ingredients, and spices play a central role here.

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