Werner Poss developed the POSS mechanical separator technology in the mid 1970’s and POSS Design Limited was formed in 1978. Driven by industry demand, continuous advancements were made, and a range of machine configurations were developed to meet the full spectrum of mechanical separation applications across a range of industries. POSS has been marketing this proven line for the last 42+ years. With over 1,150 machines running in more than 64 countries worldwide, 300+ installations in the USA and Canada alone, and a dominant position in the former Eastern Block countries, Asia/Australia/New Zealand, and Brazil/Argentina/Uruguay and Chile, POSS is truly the global industry leader in Quality Separation Solutions for the largest meat processing companies in the world. POSS machines always include all the necessary tools and fixtures needed for local rework and service. The performance advantages of POSS patented individual screen plates, which can be maintained and reworked locally, ensures you can count on optimal performance and the lowest possible cost of ownership, along with years of reliable service. More than 800 of these machines were designed for conventional chicken mechanical deboning. 150+ more are deboning turkey, primarily making MST or USDA Ground Turkey from bone in turkey drums. The remainder was sold for pork deboning and beef shank de-sinewing, as well as various niche applications including pork skin de-fatting and boney trim to recover high value coarse ground product. Polskamp, a Dutch company that has purchased 6 POSS machines in the last 25+ years, the last in Jan 2017 – the ProMax10K (250hp/190kW, and 25MT per hour capacity) runs 90 metric tonnes of chicken carcass every hour, producing a staggering 65 metric tonnes of ground chicken MDM hourly. Engineered to meet Polskamp’s highest standards for yield, throughput, and product quality, the POSS ProMax10K is the largest and most advanced separator ever built. Every customer is different, and POSS offers a full range of separators that can be equipped with various setups to suit your production requirements and maximize your bottom line.

With the groundbreaking new ProMax line of mechanical separators, from 250kg/500lbs/hr (5 hp / 3.7 kW) to 17,000+ kg / 40,000+ lbs/hr (up to 250hp / 190 kW) input capacities, and more than 1,150 machines in 64+ countries worldwide, POSS machines cover the full spectrum of separation applications. With unmatched yields and throughputs, no pre-breaking, and low temperature rise, can you really afford NOT to be running a POSS?

The company would also like to introduce the latest addition to the POSS Separator line up – the Protein Maximizer / ProMax Series. Completely redesigned, from the drive through to the newly designed flow through restrictor with the outboard bearing carrier, the Promax series provides unparalleled performance across the full spectrum of measures – yield, temperature rise, and throughput – all with the lowest possible bone/calcium in the premium coarse ground meat recovered from the POSS Screen Plate head. Consistently high yields require a heavy duty, rigid machine which can take a very high sustained thrust load through the screw and into the thrust bearing assembly. The uniquely redesigned POSS flow-through hydraulic Auto Restrictor works together with a single reduction, thrust capable Zambello gearbox designed with a 4:1 service factor for years of reliable service, the highest sustainable yields, and the lowest cost of ownership in industry. The newly designed POSS Power-Feed Hopper, the extended spiral barrel compression zone, the breakthrough POSS Screen Plate Carrier Assembly, coupled with the superior wear characteristics of the new POSS PH2 Screen Plates and a host of other new features combine to ensure POSS maintains its position as the World Leader in Quality Separation Solutions since 1978. Come by and see POSS at IFFA 2019 in Hall 9.1, booth E05 and hear more about this ground-breaking technology and how it can positively impact your bottom line.

The company is pleased to announce that Carlos Retana has joined POSS in the role of Latin America Area Sales Manager. Carlos brings a strong electrical/mechanical engineering background and more than 10 years of industry experience to the new position with POSS.