Online Auctions and the Impact of COVID-19

You cannot avoid the subject these days, covid is amongst us for quite some time now and it is uncertain when the pandemic will come to its end. The ongoing situation has created many unfortunate situations for a lot of people. But what exactly is the impact of Covid on the world of the online auctioneer? Do they face severe disadvantages? Or is the impact not as big as we might think? This article will provide you an insight into the answer of these questions from the perspective of Industrial Auctions.

Each country knows a different state of the pandemic. Some are facing a curfew, others can still go to bars, some are in a complete lockdown and others are still able to go to the office. And so, the Netherlands has its own situation as well. The Netherlands has been in a complete lockdown for quite some time and it can be difficult for companies to find their way. Home office is strongly recommended and it is hard to travel abroad.

Problem solving mindset
Taking into account Industrial Auctions is operating internationally and strongly appreciates personal relations with its clients and co-workers, these measures do affect the company. However, Industrial Auctions would not be where they are today if they did not know how to deal with extraordinary situations. They find solutions rather than problems and each individual plays its part in overcoming the current situation.

Working from home

On a normal day, there will be around 20 to 25 employees present at the headquarter in the south of the Netherlands. These 30 co-workers are divided amongst the office of the project leaders, the office of the administration and marketing, and the two logistic halls. The atmosphere at the headquarters is pleasant, informal and motivational.

However, during these times, the occupation has decreased severely. By assuring close communication between the employees and providing the workers with home-office equipment, an efficient working space is created. Calls are made often and the informality assures short communication lines and quick answers.

Interaction with clients
Now you might be thinking, all that home office talk could be true but what about communicating with contractors and clients? This is where being an online auctioneer, operating world-wide, comes in handy. Communication by phone and e-mail has formed a large part of the communication with clients ever since the existence of the company. Communicating with interested parties from Russia, or contractors from London is easily realized through a phone- or even video call. The informal relations which the team members of Industrial Auctions nourish, with both the contractors of the company and the clients, definitely contribute to easing long-distance communication.

Due to covid, it is obligatory to sign up by e-mail before visiting the viewing day of an online auction. This prevents a large gathering of visitors at the same time and thereby assures the safety of both clients and co-workers. Practise has proven the efficiency of this working method.

Of course it is not all fun and games. Because what about the employees of the logistic department? Or the project leaders who assure assistance at the locations of the auctions? As mentioned earlier, Industrial Auctions handles from a problem-solving perspective. When an auction is organised abroad, the measures of (inter)national governments are taken into account and the company finds its way to deliver the high service where the company is known for.

The team members get tested out of precaution and handle from a highly responsible attitude. This makes it possible to keep delivering the expected quality towards the clients. The team members are being precautious and understanding towards the wishes of others. Somebody is not able to visit the viewing day of an online auction? The project leaders will assure to find the client the most transparent way of showing the goods of the auction. There can be thought of video calls, sending over more videos and photos, and the project leader asking the contractor for more information.

Now what is their secret weapon?
Their expertise of the niche-market which the company operates in, truly is a great advantage for Industrial Auctions. The food and beverage industry forms the necessity of life. Despite the political, economic, ecological or demographic state of a country, people will be in need of food. This necessity of life, the expertise of Industrial Auctions, and their problem-solving way of doing business, are the key values of managing to maintain growth as an international company in an ongoing pandemic.

The company is aware of the fact that others are facing way more difficult situations. The bankruptcy of companies do form a small part of the contractors of Industrial Auctions. Despite the difficult times these companies must be facing, the contractors often see it as a relief for Industrial Auctions helping them to get value for their possessions. Due to the open and transparent relations between these two parties, Industrial Auctions is very involved in providing contractors the best possible outcome of an auction.

Of course, Industrial Auctions cannot wait for the world to go back to ‘normal’ very soon. Easier ways of travelling abroad, more face-to-face interaction for the team, and most of all for everyone to be positioned in a situation most pleasant for them.