Nipponham Hokkaido Factory Obtains Approval for Export to Singapore. Export of SCHAU ESSEN Products to Begin in Fall

Nipponham Hokkaido Factory Ltd. , NH Foods Group company that manufactures hams and sausages for major Nipponham brands including SCHAU ESSEN, received approval in April to export from its Asahikawa factory to Singapore.

The Asahikawa factory is the first producer of processed foods in the NH Foods Group to be approved for export from Hokkaido. The approval will enable SCHAU ESSEN products produced in Hokkaido to be exported to Singapore. Exports are scheduled to begin in October 2024.

SCHAU ESSEN will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, and the Group has set a target of 100 billion yen* in net sales by 2030.

Going forward, NH Foods Group will seek to increase exports by rolling out the Hokkaido brand— which is already popular in Asia—on a wider scale, and developing SCHAU ESSEN into a global brand.