New QUALITY SEPARATORS for Pork Meat Processors

LIMA has developed several models and among them new RM 900 DSP deboner allowing very important reduction of the calcium level in the separated PORK meat while keeping an optimum yield. The result is a well-structured recovered meat with technological performances similar to minced meat. This model can process up to 5.000 kg/hr. of pork back and neck bones without any pre-crushing.

picto rapproches

Gamme LIMA

Many customers in Europe and overseas are already taking benefit of the high quality recovered meat. They also enjoy the very simple yield adjustment and short down time for cleaning. This range of deboners known as “DSP” has a capacity of existing LIMA separators such as: 

  • No extra pre-breaking
  • Low temperature increase
  • Small footprint
  • Protected recovered product, etc.

The RM 400 C is another major new model completing the “C” FAT / RIND separator for lower capacities. This “C” range is already performing in the industry to the great satisfaction of our customer, in terms or fat quality, size of separated rind, and products temperature.

To cope with the always quicker reacting markets, LIMA is ready to deliver from shelves, several separators and deboners.

In 2014 LIMA and their distributors will be at your service on the major 35 exhibitions around the world. To know where to meet us on the next expo, please visit and also we will be delighted to welcome you on next FOOD INDUSTRY Minsk – Stand BERTSCH-LASKA – from 01st to 4th April 2014.