LIMA recently succeeded to improve dramatically the QUALITY of the recovered meat from 

  • chicken carcass 
  • chicken necks
  • chicken wishbones and trim

in TEXTURE: thanks to a new slots filter: in CALCIUM: on bony raw materials: around  500 to 700 ppm depending on yields; on wishbones and trim: around 100 ppm; i.e. very close to the  meat content


On their range of Deboners / Desinewers 

These very good results were obtained in developing a new yield device which adapts itself automatically to the nature -hardness- of the raw material, leaving the meat to escape freely at a very low pressure through the filter slot holes.

  • As a result the bones coming out remain intact.
  • The temperature increase is very limited.
  • Thus the meat characteristics remains almost intact.

This new device – named DD–R – is adaptable on all new or existing D or DD machines.