Meat Production with the Capacity of 3.2 K Tonnes to Be Launched in Kostanay Region of Kazakhstan

The Governor of Kostanay region, Arhimed Muhambetov, conducted negotiations with ТОО ASK GROUP KAZAKHSTAN about a prospective project for building a livestock complex in Zhangeldi district. The Governor of the region reported this on his page in social media.
The investment volume for this project will be 11.2 bln tenge, and it will create 80 jobs. The project will involve the fattening of 4,000 heads of cattle and 4,000 horses, as well as the production of 3.2 K tonnes of meat per year.
The Governor noted that the project was currently under implementation, and the government would provide maximum assistance for its successful launch.
Kazakhstan currently meets the domestic demand for beef, horse meat and pork by 80%, and by 56.4% – for sausages. As part of the import substitution program, 24 meat processing plants are planned to be launched by the end of 2025. There are several investment projects that are planned to be implemented in 2022, including seven meat processing plants and 10 projects on building and expanding poultry plants. These projects will be implemented in 13 regions at the total amount of 38 bln tenge.

It was also reported earlier that this year service and procurement centres for animal skins will be opened in three districts of Kostanay region.