Meat Product Output Increased by 24% in Almaty Region

The cattle head count and meat production in Almaty region rose by an average of 4.5% compared to the previous year.

102 feeding facilities with breeding stock were built, and almost 10,000 head of livestock were imported from abroad this year. This was reported today during the briefing of the Head of Administration of Almaty region at the Central Communications Service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan city, said TINFO.KZ citing the press service of the Head of Administration of Almaty region.

It was reported that in Alakol district alone a horse breeding farm for 20,000 heads was built, as well as a meat processing plant “Kaiyndy” for 4,000 t. In Raiymbek district, “Kaz Myaso” marble meat production company built a feeding facility with a grower for 6,000 head of livestock. Together with an Iranian company, a meat processing plant “Imperia Food” was commissioned with the processing capacity of up to 8,000 t of meat per year.

“Due to the taken measures, the meat product output increased by 24% in Almaty region. More than 6,000 t of cattle meat and poultry were exported”, A. Batalov said.

Almaty region is one of the main producers of poultry and eggs in the country (73.2 ths t, 38% in Kazakhstan, 1.1 bln, 20.3%). Currently, there are 8 poultry plants in the region. In Uygur district, the reconstruction of the poultry plant ТОО “Otan Green Food” with the capacity of 24,000 t is soon to be finished, while in Ile district, a new poultry plant with the capacity of up to 15,000 t will be commissioned.