Lima Rapid Progress on Deboned Meat


LIMA is proud to be an important actor in deboning technology

At last, an important official body such as EFSA confirmed last March in a long study that “technological advances have resulted in low pressure products resembling minced meat”. Indeed the deboned meats are produced on LIMA D patented Deboners at extremely low pressure.

Thus, the bones frames are coming out generally almost whole at optimal yield (pictures attached) with application on poultry products such as necks, V-bones, drumsticks, front carcasses, wings. The customers praise the always improved meat parameters in terms of structure, appearance, hygiene, yield, and very low temperature increase.

Hence, these positive characteristics alone are not sufficient. The return on investment (R.O.I.) is the economical key to global operation success.

Here, the LIMA offer with:

  • Single stage operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No pre-breaking
  • Friendly operator
  • Very small foot print 
  • Low energy  operation

In regards to a very reasonable capital expenditure, ensure a very quick R.O.I..

LIMA engineers and technicians in their quest for progress, take many parameters into consideration. Of course the absolute necessity to guarantee safe meat product operation, come first but not only, security, safety for the personnel, as well as ergonomy, are influencing positively the good acceptance and easy knowledge of the LIMA equipment.

Our attitude is also to consider essential the very low ecological impact of the machine. LIMA is proud to manufacture deboners with probably the lowest energy consumption KW.H/kg of recovered meat produced, to date on the market.

Visit us and meet our team on next IPPE 2014 in Atlanta / U.S.A. to know more on how LIMA technology can serve better your operations: Hall B – Stand 7133.