LIMA: A World of Separation at IFFA 2019!

LIMA are specialists in the manufacturing of meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers with a world presence through a network of more than 70 distributors.

At IFFA 2019 show, LIMA will exhibit the following equipment: meat-bone separators for poultry for the highest quality of mechanically separated meat at high yields with its LIMA RM 50 S and LIMA RM 2000  S.

A NEW LIMA RM 160 DSP deboner for pork bones, its low-pressure technology allows very important reduction of the calcium level in the mechanically separated PORK meat while keeping optimum yields. The result is a well-structured recovered meat with technological performances similar to minced meat. This model can process up to 1 000 kg / hr of pork back and neck bones without any pre-grinding.

A LIMA RM 400 DDM desinewer, thanks to its specially-shaped hopper for sticky products and its anti-bridging arm, it can be fed in big quantities such as with a column lift with meat trolleys. It is dedicated to the production of very high quality desinewed beef, pork, poultry meat which depending on the legislation can be labelled as meat and not MSM. The main advantages of LIMA’s desinewers are: high yields from 80 to 96%, optimized C/P ratios, low temperature increase.

The same machine can also be used as a deboner to get very high-QUALITY meat in terms of texture, color & very low calcium levels, less than 1 000 ppm.

The range of 70 LIMA models can process from 100 to 20 000 kg/hr of raw product.