LAY presents ideas for the barbecue season to delight your customers. Prime Cuts of beef are trend. Marinol *Asado* guarantees barbecue with the flair of South America.

The fine composition of herbs a la „Chimichurri“ with a mild onion and garlic note is the perfect match for beef steaks as Flank-Steak, Tomahawk-Steak, Porterhouse-Steak and bigger cuts for your barbecue festival. LAY offers with the theme „barbecue with the Gauchos“ a variety of recipes and ideas which are made available through the company’s web site (

Classic barbecue tastes are more and more complemented by fruity and spicy compositions. Specialities are the magnet to draw the attention of your customers. Besides this they are the opportunity for attractiveness and diversification in your counter. The youngest innovation is Mariclean® *Apricot-Rosemary*. Made for poultry and pork meat the barbecue specialities are a real eye catcher in an appetizing tone of orange. Attractive shine and freshness is guaranteed as with all other Marinol products of the product line. The spicy note is complemented by a tangy note of rosemary underlining the fruity taste. The topic „spicy and fruity“ offers a variety of recipes using high quality Marinols and Maricleans® as *Honey Smoke*, *Orange-Pepper*, *Apple-Curry* and *Mango-Chilli*. Recipes are available upon demand.

Dry rubs have been newly developed in the following tastes: *Pepper*, *Curry* and *Herbs*. The blends are typical in taste and economic in use. All products are free from added flavour enhancers and allergens. Together with *Grillstar* and *Kentucky* the spice mixtures offer the basis for multiple specialities with brilliant appearance and taste.

To foster the demand for vegetarian or vegan products LAY has developed functional blends to produce sausage analogues which are comparable to traditional sausage. Ceylobind® *vegan* is simple in use and guarantees appearance and structure of a cooked, cold sliceable sausage. LAY has mastered the challenge of creating a stable matrix without syneresis during storage. The colour can be adjusted by Rubysin *CL*, a natural and heat stable colour. The taste can be adapted by especially composed spice blends to give the sausage analogue the desired flavour. Besides sausages, functional systems and flavours have been developed for the production of vegetarian spreads.

Bindall® *S-Quick* is a functional ripening system to shorten the production time of fermented sausages significantly. By the use of selected fibres the drying of the sausage is improved. In combination with starter cultures LAY Quick Starters a natural fermentation is guaranteed. Despite the fast processing time the sausage has a convincing salami flavour comparable to traditionally manufactured products and a perfect colour stability.