Krehalon High Quality Shrink Barrier Packaging Plays Its Part to Contribute to a More Sustainable World

Krehalon’s core focus is to preserve the quality of fresh food whilst maximising shelf life and presentation appeal. By doing this, it contributes to reducing food waste, and the associated carbon footprint.

Krehalon is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, PVDC-free flexible shrink barrier films and bags. Its recycle-ready products are for the fresh red meat, processed meat, poultry, seafood and cheese industries. More recently, Krehalon has extended its portfolio to include solutions for alternative proteins.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Krehalon has regional offices to serve its direct markets across Europe and in Australia, and has an extensive distribution network across the globe.

Krehalon uses patented technologies, market-driven expertise, and extensive product knowledge to develop innovative solutions that meet customer needs. Due to the packaging product quality, solutions offer appealing commercial benefits too. Krehalon products can be thinner and stronger than comparable market offerings – an obvious attraction as the developed world tries to reduce plastic usage. High-quality hermetic seals reduce pack leakers, so there is less wastage of both product and material, which increases production efficiency.

Krehalon takes its membership to CEFLEX, UK Plastics Pact, REDcycle™ and Recoup seriously. As such, more solutions are now CE- and REDcycle™ compatible, with recycle-ready products and products that contain PCR available.

Proven portfolio

The ML40 multilayer shrink bags range comes in a variety of barrier thicknesses, depending on application. A popular Krehalon product is its puncture resistant packaging, ideal for the most demanding high abuse applications (e.g. bone-in red meat).

With increasing pressures in the food industry, the automated Shrink Bag Replacement (SBR™) solutions – Formshrink® and Flovac™ – are interesting options. These offer impressive labour savings, giving production managers more staff allocation flexibility on the production floor. SBR™ solutions provide increased production efficiency since there are less pack leakers so less material and product wastage. Further material savings can be made since customers have the option to print their bespoke designs directly on our material, since Krehalon has a 10-colour flexographic printer inhouse. 

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