K+G Wetter Presents Bowl Cutters and Grinders on over 200 Square Metres at Anuga. Trade Fair Innovation: The Space-Saving, Flexible and Powerful WW U200 Angle Grinder

From 19 to 22 March, K+G Wetter will be showcasing a large selection from its portfolio of bowl cutters, grinders and mixer grinders on over 200 square metres (Hall 6.1, Stand A010-B011) at the Anuga FoodTec 2024 trade fair in Cologne. The portfolio also includes a new machine, the WW U200 angle grinder. The space-saving powerhouse offers flexible application options for fresh meat and frozen meat blocks.

With the new angle grinder, K+G Wetter offers a machine for food processing that makes nearly anything possible for medium-sized businesses and industry: the WW U200 is a powerful angle grinder with an extremely small footprint. Its special feature: in addition to fresh products, the compact angle grinder also processes frozen meat blocks without pre-chopping. The flexibility of use is unrivalled, making it perfect for businesses that work with a mix of fresh and frozen meat.

This is possible thanks to sophisticated technical solutions: the large angle grinder hopper of the WW U200 has a volume of some 500 litres. Meat and other ingredients are fed evenly to the feeder worm after loading thanks to the asymmetrical hopper shape. The customised design of the grinder’s hopper prevents even bulky frozen meat blocks from jamming and ensures that they are securely gripped by the feeder worm. The special frozen meat feeder worm with cutting edge cuts up the blocks in the first processing step as they are transported to the feeder worm.The benefit here is that the meat is precisely cut from the block and is not crushed. This ensures a clear cutting pattern for the finished ground product. Any temperature increase is minimised because the product is subjected to only a slight degree of stress.

Thanks to the sophisticated Hygienic-Secure features, the WW U200 is as time-saving and perfectly hygienic to clean as is standard with all K+G Wetter machines. The expertly hand-polished stainless steel surfaces are easy to keep clean.

The feeder and meat worm can be removed and reinserted without tools in just a few simple steps. This also facilitates hygienically safe and impeccable cleaning. The single-stage folding step makes the WW U200 grinder’s hopper quickly and safely accessible, requiring just a minimum of space – a perfect solution in terms of handling and hygiene alike.

The cleaning chamber installed in all K+G Wetter grinders eliminates hygiene risks from hidden contamination at the drive shaft seals: the seals in contact with the product are cleaned on both sides giving micro-organisms no chance to colonise.

An additional seal protects the drive elements. Daily cleaning is performed from the outside by directing conventional cleaning lances or spray nozzles through the easily accessible rinsing access points. Maximum cleaning effectiveness is achieved with negligible additional effort.

The WW U200 offers highly flexible loading options. Whether using a hoist loader or loading hydraulically using a meat trolley, the manner and the side from which raw materials are loaded into the WW U200 can be customised according to space availability and the customer’s work processes. Such flexibility in terms of fast and reliable loading is a major plus because the machine is optimally customised for the respective production run.

A large touch panel is available as an option. This gives the customer visual cues regarding the possible cutting set configurations for different applications and also informs him of the optimum machine settings for each application. This renders operation simple and safe and ensures the very best product quality.