The extensive range of weighing, packing and inspection solutions on show from Ishida at this year’s Interpack will underline the company’ ability to design, manufacture and install comprehensive, best-in-class packing line solutions, tailored to the precise needs of individual customers for a wide variety of markets and applications.

Four dedicated ‘’solutions areas’’ of the stand will feature Ishida’s latest developments in weighing systems, inspection technology, and complete snacks packing and fresh food automation solutions. In addition, each area will showcase Ishida’s newest advances in remote line monitoring (Sentinel™), data capture and efficiency management (IDCS) and enhanced training software (Ishida Expert).

Highlights include the company’s newly-launched advanced X-ray inspection and leak detection models; multihead weighers showcasing the breadth of the Ishida offering, from high-head multi-mix to specialist and niche designs for fresh sticky products, ultra-low target weight applications and gentle handling solutions; the latest developments in integrated snacks packing systems; a unique salad tray packing solution; and advanced grading solutions for poultry and fish.


On show in the Inspection area of the stand, Ishida’s new IX series X-ray range raises the bar in performance and usability, offering customers easy maintenance, stress-free operation, and a robust fail safe system that prevents a contaminated pro-duct reaching the consumer to minimise the potential for costly recalls.



The full model range will be shown at Interpack, including entry-level, mid-range and premium specification models that demonstrate their flexibility to handle many different inspection tasks.

Two of the models will also be demonstrated working with Ishida’s unique AirScan leak detector, which uses advanced laser technology to detect the smallest leaks in MAP packs which contain Carbon Dioxide.



To meet rising demand for pre-packed fresh salads – often including a protein ingredient – Ishida will demonstrate a new tray packing solution that combines its market-leading 14 head RV salad weigher and QX-775 FLEX tray sealer with a specially-developed carousel filler. Other innovations in the Fresh Food Solutions area include Ishida’s unique RobotGrader, which combines weighing and pick and place technologies to grade products of varying piece weight and place them into a fixed weight pack; and the company’s FLEX-Grader that offers high speed and accurate grading of poultry, meat and fish.

In the Weighing area, Ishida will show a variety of models including compact versions ideal for high-value, low-target weight applications or where factory space is at a premium, and a high-head 32 head version, capable of handling single product at extremely fast speeds or up to eight different products for discharge into the same pack. Other highlights include its specialist Fresh Food and Screw Feeder Weighers for sticky products such as meat, poultry, cut fruit and ready meals.

The Snack Food Solutions area will focus on Ishida’s market-leading ability to provide accurate and reliable weighing and bagging solutions for many different types of snacks, with a comprehensive choice from entry-level to high-end requirements which supports integrated operation with Ishida mulithead weighers, throat metal detectors, printers, seal testers, check weighers and case packers to maximise line efficiencies.

The software solutions on display throughout the stand are designed to help companies operate and manage their lines to maximum performance and efficiency, for a fast return on investment. Ishida Sentinel™ is a unique remote customer care solution that combines machine performance monitoring with comprehensive data capture and in-depth analysis. Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS) is a powerful software tool that captures the data from every pack that passes across Ishida check weighers to generate real-time displays and reports. Ishida Expert is an interactive computer-based training programme for multihead weighers and check weighers.