Innovation Award for VETEC ANLAGENBAU. International FoodTec Award 2024 for the AEROMAT CROSS POWER

VETEC ANLAGENBAU has been honored for the German Agricultural Society’s (DLG) Food Technology Award 2024 in silver. As one of the global technology leaders for high-quality industrial systems for the thermal treatment of food, the machine and system manufacturer will be one of 14 European winners of the International FoodTec Award for its innovative AEROMAT CROSS POWER universal system at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne on March 19, 2024. Every three years, the DLG, together with its specialist partners and a jury of experts from the fields of research and education as well as representatives from the field, honors pioneering projects from the global food and supplier industry.

“It is a great pleasure, and we would like to thank the DLG for rewarding our unique product development and thus also our innovative strength with this prestigious award,” says Timo Krüger, President of VETEC ANLAGENBAU. The AEROMAT CROSS POWER is the latest product launch from the Verden-based family business and can be used for many thermal processes related to the refinement of lying meat and sausage products, plant-based products, or pet food, including drying, smoking, cooking, and cooling.

Redefining the crossflow principle
For the first time, it has been possible to transfer the dynamics and air speed of a modern hot smoking system to crossflow technology. The special system geometry of the AEROMAT CROSS POWER is based on a uniform air flow over a large area at up to four times the speed using innovative air injection nozzles. Thanks to the powerful air flow, the distance between the products can be minimized, the loading of up to 50 layers on a standard trolley can be almost doubled, the process time can be shortened, and a more uniform treatment can be guaranteed. At the same time, a fully continuous production line can be set up based on semi-batch operation, which significantly improves the reliability of the system, and the modular design allows almost any expansion. The movable injection and extraction ducts in particular, also make it easier to maintain and clean the system.

Lowest production costs, highest energy efficiency
“The food industry relies on innovations that combine cost-effectiveness, sustainability and automation. Uncertainties on the global raw materials and energy markets continue to make it difficult for producers to charge competitive prices,” says Timo Krüger. Conventional methods of generating an even air flow with spiral systems are increasingly proving to be very costly, energy-intensive, and therefore outdated. The AEROMAT CROSS POWER, on the other hand, meets the high standards of efficiency and resource-efficiency.

An ECOCON heat exchanger also uses the thermal energy generated in the exhaust air during the drying or treatment process to preheat the fresh air. This not only reduces the overall energy consumption of the system and thus the ecological footprint – the more efficient use of energy also saves costs.

“The advantages are obvious: with the AEROMAT CROSS POWER, production is faster, of better quality, more ecological and, on top of that, more price-effective with a higher product yield,” summarizes Krüger. “We are delighted that the jury agrees and feel vindicated on our road to success.”