During these difficult times, ILPRA has been proactive in researching new technology to share in the marketplace. Despite the actual global pandemic, ILPRA’s values and constant commitment have allowed them not to forget their mission in providing quality packaging solutions throughout the global market. That being said, during these uncertain times they have produced the next generation Tray Sealing machine that is qualified to be the pinnacle in ILPRA Tray Sealer lineup, introduced as the “Hyper” Foodpack model.

The focus in the production of this new model is versatility, compactness and reliability, high production throughput.
This new line is designed to satisfy a high production rate and suitable for a wide range of applications such as produce, meat & poultry, dairy, seafood, ready meals and much more.

The Foodpack Hyper has been designed to be extremely fast and is therefore able to process up to 25 cycles per minute in gas/flush version. The sealing area is even wider (length 1000/1250/1450 mm x 350 mm optional at 450 mm length to work on double line) and it is carried out by mechanical handling with guaranteed precision, speed of execution, reduced maintenance and no consumption of compressed air.

This process sees the action of two jaws which, in complete synergy with the infeed conveyor, pick up the containers and transport them inside the sealing area, never stopping the flow of the trays.

All working surfaces, protective doors and electrical panel are positioned above the machine to avoid water or liquid stagnation and are designed to give immediate access to all areas.

This line also stands out for its reliability, compactness and guarantee of durability: it is in fact built almost entirely in 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Also the cost of management and maintenance of the machine remains an important issue and also for this line the main movements are from a servo/brushless motor, therefore reducing air consumption.

The touch screen control panel is intuitive and allows the storing and retrieving of working recipes very quickly. Moreover, by means of a badge assigned to the operator, the system keeps a record of information with full traceability of permitted and authorized operations according to safety levels and requirements. Like all their ILPRA machines also for the Hyper it is possible to have support also with remote assistance diagnostics.

The customer, can always make the Foodpack Hyper tailored and customized and performing by combining various options immediately available such as tray denesting systems, dosing, coding, labeling, etc…

In a single concept, Foodpack Hyper is the culmination of ILPRA’s 60+ year of experience and passion in food packaging, and the pride of an increasingly international, competitive and efficient quality brand.