Get Set for Summer with Two New RAPS Magic Marinades

Apple Hibiscus and Roast Chicken Style are trending flavours for the 2023 barbecue season

Two new Magic Marinades from spice expert RAPS promise a flavourful 2023 barbecue season: the apple-hibiscus variety brings fruity-fresh flavours, while the roast chicken offering guarantees fried, spicy meat vibes. The two new additions complement the 40-strong range of flavours, all of which are palm oil-free and label-friendly, thus whetting consumer appetites for new and exciting taste adventures.

With its fruity notes, the apple-hibiscus marinade perfectly replicates the taste of summer. The RAPS flavour experts’ innovation combines apple powder and ground hibiscus blossoms with spicy black cumin, smoked salt and paprika, and a hint of orange oil. The seasoning is ideal for marinating grilled specialities of beef, pork, poultry and lamb, as well as fish and vegetables. The second creation – roast chicken style – is based on the irresistible taste of roast chicken and contains paprika, curry, rosemary and chilli flavours. This marinade is ideal for poultry and convenience specialities.

Perfect results and ease of use
The two new additions to the RAPS range are pure oil marinades containing herbs and spices that are homogeneously distributed. They promise a glossy, fresh and appetising appearance, and help seal in flavoursome juices. Furthermore, they are palm oil free and contain no additives, allergens or yeast extracts that need to be declared on the label, and are available in ready-to-use 2.5 and 4.5 kg containers.

Jochen Birkert, Product Manager at RAPS, says: “With our versatile Magic Marinade portfolio, it’s easy to bring variety to meat counters and guarantee something for every taste. Our two new marinades reflect this year’s barbecue trends: new and familiar flavours alongside exciting new innovations.”