G. Mondini at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Anuga FoodTec 2018 has been one of the most successful and well-organized exhibitions in the last years. The innovations introduced by G. Mondini attracted great interest by the Anuga visitors, as potential customers lined-up to speak with technical experts and sales managers at the large, impressively branded and facilitated stand.

Once again G. Mondini SpA showed their latest innovations to address the most critical needs of the sliced meat and cheese markets. The combination of Trave (tray sealer) and Platformer (in line tray forming machine) improves efficiency, performance and flexibility compared to the standard tray sealing and Thermoformers (F.FS.) processes currently in use in the market.

G. Mondini has been developing a multiple integrated solutions for food and non-food market since 1972, with a commitment to deliver integrated solutions for premade tray handling loading and sealing, which allows customers to improve their efficiency and reduce equipment ownership costs. Traditionally, the packaging industry was divided into either thermoforming or tray sealing lines, the first producing value packs, the second higher quality packs with greater flexibility, until today. Now, thanks to the long experience gained in 45 years of premade trays handling and sealing, G.Mondini presented at Anuga FoodTec a revolutionary solution that combines the best of both worlds.

The new system which is a combination of Platformer® (tray former in line) and Trave® (traysealer) improves not only the production efficiency thanks to highest throughput available in the market but makes the automation of the product loading into the tray much easier. Furthermore, the system is completely flexible allowing customers to switch from one technology to another (e.g. Modified Atmosphere to Skin or Darfresh® on Tray) in minimal time (greatly reducing both lead time to market of new products and investment costs).

Their engineers developed the system in order to cope with the current and future market needs, with special focus on sustainability. The new Platformer technology revolutionizes the concept of tray forming by cutting the tray footprint before the forming process occurs, reducing the plastic waste to just 2% (much less than any other packing technology). This, in turn, reduces the logistical impact not only on transport and warehousing for the tray (now base network) but also production waste. In addition, the flexibility of the technology allows customers to optimise the tray size according to their specific product dimensions to minimise plastic usage. The innovative technology and design allows customers to change from plastic tray (premade or inline mode) to Slimfresh® – Slicefresh® technologies where a paper board is used as support instead of plastic trays in less than 20 minutes. First introduced to the market by G.Mondini Slimfresh®, it reduces up to 75% the plastic material around the product. The top skin film fixes the product directly onto the flat cardboard (Slimfresh®) base, which has been laminated with a very thin plastic layer. After taking out the product, the thin barrier layer is easily removed from the cardboard to allow for separate disposal. As such, Slimfresh® combines the popular skin packaging process, which provides extended shelf life and attractive product presentation, with greatly increased sustainability. Slicefresh® is derived from Slimfresh® experience gained through more than 30 machines running daily worldwide for the last 3 years. In other words, Slicefresh® is Slimfresh® with M.A.P. rather than skin packaging, which provides an attractive, innovative and sustainable solution for sliced meat and cheese.

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