Fish for Your Next Seafood Application with ILPRA


The FORMPACK F660 model is an in-line thermoforming machine with an innovative design, completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum with IP 65 protectionclass. The FORMPACK F660 is suitable for medium productions. The machine can work withboth flexible and rigid materials. The FORMPACK F660 is available in two versions: “N” forsealing only and “VG” for vacuum packaging, vacuum/ gas and skin packaging. The machine can be easily washed; it is ideal to work in aggressive and damp environments such as seafood facilities.

The FOODPACK 1403 is a completely automatic tray sealer designed for high production speeds. The mechanical movement of this model allows a very high working precision. The machine is available in two versions: sealing only, and vacuum packaging or vacuum / gas packaging.

The machine is primarily constructed in stainless steel and has IP 65 class protection making the 1403 the ideal machine to work in aggressive environments, such as dairy facilities which include sauce and brine.


The SPEEDY EXTREME is an automatic tray sealing machine belonging to our ILPRA FOODPACK line-up. This model is conceived to be a cost-effective model. The SPEEDY EXTREME is reliable, easy to clean and maintain, utilizes a simplistic software system for working parameters, and has many available accessories which make the machine fully customizable. This machine offers superior construction with advantageous features over the standard Speedy or comparable equipment in its production range.

The ARCTIC SERIES is the flagship series of SabalpackCompany. It is constructed to work in wet environments where daily cleaning operations are performed such as frozen foodfacilities. The machine provides a great flexibility in using all kind of films and the multi-headsare equipped with precise vibrating channels. To provide the end-user with convenient support, the multi-heads can be connected to tablets, smartphones and laptops using internet or intranet networks, and wireless.