DSI Freezing Solutions Presents Ground-breaking Test Center

Global leader in plate freezing technology, DSI Freezing Solutions, opens a new test center. Focus is on collection and analysis of freezing data for R&D as well as commercial purposes.

When DSI Freezing Solutions opens their new test center, unfortunately it will not be to the sound of popping champaign corks and mingling international guests. Covid-19 came in the way. Instead, it will be an almost regular workday for engineer Mikkel Bøggild, who is to start the compressor and turn on the test plate freezers. Even so, Mikkel is excited that the day has come; “With this test center, we can optimize machines and products even further. We combine our freezing technology and our CorePoint measurement equipment with software to measure and analyze our customers’ data”, says Mikkel Bøggild.

The test center consists of a 30 kW-facility and scalable freezers, that can be rebuild depending on needs – to be able to test vertical and horizontal freezers of varying sizes – as well as a significant amount of measurement equipment, that allow DSI Freezing Solutions to see and present the measurements in real time – at site and online. This makes sense during a global pandemic, but it is also relevant for DSI Freezing Solutions’ many international customers.

Focus on data and optimization
At the test center, food manufacturers will be able to scrutinize their products for optimizing purposes with help from experts with great knowledge of plate freezing in all relevant industries, such as fish, meat and poultry and fruit, vegetables and liquids. For instance, it is possible to look into how various freezing temperatures, different batches and types of packing may affect the freezing process. But instead of doing it on site and slowing down production, the manufacturer can continue the daily production while testing at the test center in North Denmark.

CSO at DSI Freezing Solutions, Michael Wounlund, makes no secret of the fact, that the purpose of opening a test center is commercial. “For our potential customers, the test center brings an opportunity to examine, if plate freezing is really a cheaper alternative to their existing freezing solution”, he says and continues: “We often see that the potential savings in operational costs amounts to 30–40 % because plate freezing is much faster. But also because we are able to customize our freezers to exact needs. But when a company is looking into converting their production, they need numbers to support the business case. And with the test center, we can assist them”.

A strategic move
DSI Freezing Solutions recently presented a new purpose: to optimize their customer’s results while protecting the environment. And the test center suits this purpose. It will be possible for potential as well as existing customers to test and develop processes as well as products. At the same time, DSI Freezing Solutions are able to develop their portfolio of applications and products while continuing the R&D focus on developing sustainable freezing solutions and maintaining the position as market leader within plate freezing technology.