DEKORA®-Sal Sal Oil Marinades Clean Label Marinades from Indasia in Three Delicious Flavours

The new sal oil marinades from Indasia are free from hydrogenated oils and palm oil. With their incomparable shiny optic, the clean label marinades enrich every dish sustainable.

“As a modern family business, and one of the leading spice plants in Germany, we are not only responsible for the quality of our products, but also for the environmemt and future generations“, Marketing Manager Sabine Mueller-Weinhold explains. At an early stage Indasia sets standards in transparency and sustainability. As a member of the RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil) and signatory to the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), the sustainable cultivation of raw products plays as important a role as does responsible behaviour towards people and nature.

The most recent initiative for protecting the rainforest involves changing the raw product from palm oil to sal oil.

The three new sal oil marinades demonstrate convincingly that it is possible to manage without deforestation and cultivating plantations.

Due to its comparable properties, sal oil is a perfect alternative to palm fat for the processing. “The brilliant optic, the full flavour and simplicity of use are guaranteed“, Lukas Willmann, member of Indasia´s sales team, promises. Additionally, due to the lower melting point, equipment can be better cleaned after use with the new sal oil marinades.

It also improves the transmission of flavourings within the marinade to the meat.

You get the sal oil marinades in the three most popular flavourings paprika, curry and herbs.