Better Made Reverses 40-Year Course on Cutting Tech with FAM Centris™ Switch

After 40 years using the same food-cutting technology supplier, American potato chip producer Better Made needed just a few days to switch to the FAM Centris™ SureSet 16 cutting head product range.

After hearing about Fam Centris’s™ revolutionary centrifugal method of slicing chips earlier in the year, Better Made, in the potato-chip business since 1930, set up a trial with the SureSet16 cutting head.

“When we heard about the new, revolutionary technology, we were both eager and hesitant to commit,” said Better Made Production Manager Peter Gusmano. “Eager since we were looking for a new supplier, someone that offered us quality and support instead of giving us the feeling we were taken for granted. On the other hand, we were skeptical about the promises that FAM made. They seemed too good to be true.”

Better Made officials entered the trial pursuing three challenges: Reduction of starch loss; more consistent cutting result and reduced scrap to increase chip quality and product revenue.

“A dedicated team visited our factory to set up a trial in our production environment,” said Gusmano. “They spent a few days to make sure we received all the support we wanted. They took the time to thoroughly show us how the equipment is handled and cleaned and how to set the desired cutting size. They approached us with tests and objectivity, instead of just saying that their product is better.”

The results were apparent from the start. It was clearly visible that using the SureSet 16 cutting heads resulted in less scrap. There was also visibly less starch in the wastewater.

“Once the tests were done and the numbers were shown, we immediately decided to convert our flat line to include the FAM SureSet 16 cutting heads. We don’t regret that decision at all,” Gusmano says.

Better Made is a Midwestern producer of a variety of potato chips, potato sticks, and popcorn. Located in Detroit, it processes 60 million pounds of potato chips annually, using regionally grown Michigan potatoes for 10 months of every year .

Better Made uses the FAM Centris™ product line with SureSlice cutting technology including the patented SureSet cutting heads and impellers for batch feeding and continuous lines. SureSlice technology is a direct result of the innovative Next Evolution in Centrifugal Slicing Technology (NECST).