A Selective Fishery Complex to be Built in Ulyanovsk Region

A socially important selective breeding fishery complex “Pavlovskiy” will be commissioned in Ulyanovsk region.

On December 25th, this project was presented to the Head of the region, Sergey Morozov, during his visit to the cooperative company “Izbalyk”, reports IA “Svetich” citing the press service of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture.

Marat Kuzahmetov, Chairman of the agricultural cooperative company “Izbalyk”, says that the project “Selective Breeding Fishery Complex “Pavlovskiy”” is aimed at providing conditions for the complex development of fish farming in Ulyanovsk region.

“We want to increase the fish production based on breeding highly productive species and breeds, and to build a modern selective and genetic center at the premises of the breeding farm. Moreover, we intend to develop a plan for technical and technological upgrade of the production base of the agricultural fishery based on the integration of modern Russian and foreign equipment into the innovation process,” Marat Kuzahmetov said.

Upon the completion of the project, the company will have a modern cutting edge fishery complex which meets all international standards. It will be fully automated: from the feeding system to the cleaning of fish waste. A breeding selection work will be done in this complex, aimed at breeding baby fish adapted to the weather conditions in Ulyanovsk region which will lead to the production of high quality products at affordable prices.

“The capacity of the fishery complex will be eight million baby fish per year, including three million trouts and five million thermophilic breeds,” the Chairman of the agricultural cooperative company “Izbalyk” said.
The main purpose of the cooperative company “Izbalyk” is to unite the fish breeding and fish processing plants in Ulyanovsk region for further sales of products, research and methodological services, and in order to help the members of the cooperative company to buy baby fish, fodder and equipment.

The Head of the region said that “Izbalyk” is a perfect example of a constantly developing agricultural cooperative company, particularly but not exclusively due to the government support.

“There is a successful breeding of trout, sturgeon and crayfish in Pavlovsky district. Today, we discussed our plans for 2020. They are focused on creating new jobs, so people can work in their home town instead of leaving the region”, Sergey Morozov said.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, minister of agrarian business and rural development of Ulyanovsk region Mikhail Semionkin, in 2019, the production of the commercial aquaculture by the cooperative company increased 11 times compared to 2016.

“Thanks to their high quality, the company’s products are highly demanded not only by the residents of Ulyanovsk region. They are also sold in the neighboring regions — the Republic of Tatarstan, Penza and Samara regions,” the Head of the department said.

At the moment, the members of the cooperative company, such as ООО “Rybniy Dvor” and ООО “ASA” are selling their products under the slogan “Made in Ulyanovsk region!”

The products are sold through online platforms and social media, therefore the consumers have a direct access to the manufacturer. In December 2019, the cooperative company opened a fish store in Pavlovka industrial township where they sell their products. In 2020, they plan to open two more company stores in Ulyanovsk.

They also expand their production capacities. In 2019, the company built additional reservoirs for commercial fish breeding (now there are 21 reservoirs). Moreover, they bought a company truck with the necessary equipment to deliver fresh products to the consumers.

Last year, the cooperative company also bought a building for primary and deep processing of fish and caviar production. In 2020, they plan to purchase two specialized vehicles for the transportation of products and processing and storage equipment.

It is worth noting that in 2019, under the federal project “Building a Support System for Farmers and Rural Cooperation”, the member of the cooperative company “Izbalyk” participated in the competitive selection “Agrostartup” and won it. Thus, the company implemented its business project and helped the cooperative company to renew its infrastructure.

Source: www.fishretail.ru