From manual to automated operations. Advancing food processing at VIV Asia

During VIV Asia, Marel Poultry will show how the progress frommanual to automated processing can support South-East Asian processors insolving many issues in terms of efficiency, yield, food safety and laborindependency. The highlighted processing steps will be automated cut-up,automated deboning, automated X-ray inspection and convenience food production.

Using these focus areas withtheir respective innovations, Marel Poultry demonstrates its ability to supportprocessors on their way from automated to automated poultry processing.

Marel Poultry will conduct a “cutting-edge” live manual cutting presentation. In-house cutting expert Hans Voorbijwill show how the automated cut-up and deboning systems mimic the complicated manual filleting actions of skilled staff, achieving the most precise cuts and maneuvers and resulting in highest quality products.

The ACM-NT cut-up system can process wings, legs and breasts to serve a variety of purposes, including fast food.

Theintelligent breast cap filleting system AMF-i is physically present at Marel Poultry’s booth. It will be live demonstrated, using actual meat products, to show how the system attains its top performance. AMF-i automatically detects the size of breast caps fed to the system. Deboning modules downstream then adjust accordingly, resulting in top yield adaptive filleting with no human input needed.

The ACM cut-up system is capable of adjusting to specific South-East Asian demands regarding leg and wing cutting. Exact cuts can be performed, similar to traditional manual cuts made by skilled staff, using modules such as the JL processor for leg cutting and the Second Joint Wing Cutter for traditional typical wing cutting.

The ACM system can also be set up to perform typical fast food cuts. Quick Service Restaurants can have their own specific cut-up requirements; they may need 8 or 9 pieces within a tight weight range. Consistent cutting to specification is the strong point of Marel Poultry’s automated ACM cut-up system.

Marel Poultry will also run live demonstrations with the SensorX x-ray inspection system, to show the flawless detection of small bones and other contaminants (metal, stone, glass),with lowest false positive rate in the industry.Its detection capabilities are unprecedented, giving food processors a safer, more valuable, boneless product, requiringless rework and fewer operators.

During VIV Asia,Marel will also highlight its famous RevoPortioner,featuring the new Helix Drum.RevoPortioner performs an automated task which can hardly be done by human labor.It produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure while retaining texture and structure. The end products will always have the same shape, weight and size and be of uniform quality, according to customers’ wishes.

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