NOCK at IFFA 2019

At the IFFA 2019 in hall 8.0, stand no. E48, NOCK will show novelties and further developments, but also proven products from its wide range of cutting machines, derinding machines, membrane skinners, skinning machines and scale ice makers.

Cutting technology

The NOCK CB 435/4E HORIZONTAL-VERTICAL-CUTTER HVC offers two cutting options: a circular blade cutting unit for vertical cuts plus a pre-positoned cutting module for a single horizontal cut. With the new, optionally available separation conveyor, the upper slice can be discharged separately, while the lower slice continues through the machine and – if desired – can be cut into strips by the circular blade cutting unit. The high product protection makes this compact machine particularly interesting for cutting strips or thin slices from chicken breast fillets.

For very small blade distances and/or very delicate (e.g. cooked) products, NOCK has developed the new multi blade cutting machine NOCK MBC 430 with vertical cutting direction. Its long-stroke, low-frequency oscillating blade frame ensures a very gentle cut as well as silent and low-vibration operation of the machine. Feeding takes place fully automatically via conveyor belts and a push-through system, so that this cutting machine is also suitable as an in-line model.

In the product range NOCK circular blade cutting machines type Cortex CB SLICER there are innovations in the cutting geometry which extend the range of application for this economical cutting principle, especially when cutting thin slices from high pieces of meat.

In addition to the Doner cutting machine NOCK Cortex CB 503 KEBAB with an improved Integrated NOCK Product Return System®, NOCK will also show the new model NOCK Cortex CB 509 KEBAB AUTORETURN®, where the refeeding of the remaining piece of meat takes place automatically.

The derinding machine NOCK Cortex CB 619 for industrial use has a further developed geometry of the pressure system and the tooth roller, with dynamic adaptation to different product heights. This allows excellent derinding results to be achieved with all flat and high sections, such as shoulders, without the need of complicated „first cut“ settings.

On the compact conveyorized machine NOCK Cortex CB 496, visitors can get to know the special features and advantages of the NOCK machines. Inside the housing they are equipped with the typical NOCK POWER PLATES®, to which all NOCK skinners and cutting machines owe their special robustness, service-friendliness and durability.

The open top derinding machines NOCK Cortex C 860 with changeable tables and the double blade derinder NOCK Cortex C 560 DBD for derinding and defatting in one operation complete the range of NOCK derinding machines on display.

Skinning and NOCK ICO Safety System
The NOCK IMMEDIATE CUT-OUT® (ICO) safety system ensures maximum safety when working with open top machines. This will be demonstrated at the NOCK booth with the membrane skinning machine NOCK Vliesex V5744 TURBO with a split transport roller (optional; 1/3 for tendon removing, 2/3 for membrane skinning).

Poultry skinning

The poultry skinning machine NOCK Cortex CBP 695 POULTRY skins whole chicken legs, drumsticks and thighs as well as (with alternative pressure roller) chicken breast.

Fish skinning

Brand new: the NOCK Skinex SBW 496 WHITE FISH. Due to the innovative, flexible NOCK MULTI-DISC® upper pressure belt, this machine skins white fish such as cod, pollack, redfish, haddock, wolffish, halibut, pike-perch and other white fish species in a particularly gentle, reliable and highly productive way. It allows two types of skinning: skinning with a blunt blade (silver skinning) or skinning with a sharp blade (infinitely variable from thin to deep, preferably with the optional blade holder technology NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® ASG).

Production of scale ice

In the new scale ice machine series NRE, NOCK has brought in its many years of rotary evaporator experience from the construction of the freeze drum skinners. It is designed for the simple daily foam cleaning and disinfecting as is done on other butchery equipment, without the cumbersome dismantling of the water tank. The drive, electrical system and piping are accommodated in the housing separated from the ice production. The air flow of the unit is not on the ice discharge side. 