The company EICKER – MESSER Solingen was founded in 1928 and developed in recent years to one of the leading manufacturers of Butcher Knives. Well-known meat factories and service providers belong to the ever-growing customer base. The products are exported to over 30 countries.
New to the range is the Butcher-Knife-Series E-10

These are boning and cutting knives made of molybdenum steel, which have achieved a higher edge retention and longer life of the blades due to a special hardening process. The blade polish offers optimal protection against corrosion. The CNC-controlled trigger guarantees optimum sharpness so that the knife can be used immediately.

The suitable handle shape ensures safety, prevents injuries and allows tireless working, precise incision which contributes to greater efficiency. The base color of the knife is blue, however, all colors variants are possible.

1928—2018 – 90 years EICKER – MESSER

  • 1928 Summer, the 3rd of July is a Wednesday, the sign of the day is cancer – the company Wilhelm Eicker Solingen/Germany was founded. The beginning of a today 90 years lasting area, successfully represented on the world market in the 4th generation. Good stories always have the same ingredients: a “sharp” idea, exciting stories and above all a lot of emotion:
    Wilhelm Eicker, the founder of today’s EICKER-MESSER logo, started the first production, manufacturing knife handles and later the production of high quality household, kitchen and butcher knives.
    1937 Due to constant expansion, a new factory was built, fitted with the most modern processing machines. The assortment extended to plantation knives and machetes.
    1938 Mr. Heinz Eicker joined the company of his father and was taught in a full practical and commercial training.
    1945 The whole property was destroyed by aerial bombs.
    1950 After the reconstruction, Wilhelm Eicker founded with his son Heinz Eicker the Wilhelm Eicker oHG.
    1972 Wilhelm Eicker died and Thomas Eicker, his grandson, joined the company. His extensive technical and commercial training as an export sales manager enabled him to expand important markets in East Asia, Far and Middle East. The customer base expanded, best known representations gave him the chance to fill an important gap in the market.
    1981 The company moved into a new location to Tersteegenstrasse 25, which was necessary due to the growing production and steady expansion.
    1981 According to international rules for food safety of hand tools, the production changed from wooden handles to hygienic material, the glass fiber reinforced nylon. On 1st of September, the trademark “World Globe” was registered worldwide, and EICKER started as the first manufacturer of butcher and chef’s knives with the approval, to mark the products with the TÜV Sign “GS” for certified safety.
    1982 Due to efforts of Thomas Eicker, applying for a tender by the Algerian government, the company receives an order of about 10.000.000 DM. New jobs were created to comply with all guidelines regarding this important order. The whole team of about 60 employees worked in 2 shifts. Finally the order had been processed just in time.
    2005 In June, Nicholas Eicker, the son of Thomas Eicker joined the company. He overtook the responsibility for the purchase of goods, the disposition and the production management, and ensured that the spirit of emotion and the fresh wind in the company remains in the 4th generation.
    2005 In December, Heinz Eicker left the company and retired at the age of 82 years. Thomas Eicker continued the company as Wilhelm Eicker single industrialist.
    Tradition and innovation guarantee the progress and the way to global acceptance and competitiveness. No knife for all, but knives indispensable in the meat and industrial industry. The result is high class quality developed consequently over many decades. The best steel used to process the blades, ergonomically shaped safety handles for safe cutting and fatigue-free working to fulfill the high demands of meat and industrial needs.
    Today Wilhelm Eicker is one of the most important manufacturers of professional knives with a continuously increasing trend.
    Wilhelm Eicker – the partner for innovative cutting solutions.