3 World Premiѓres & Multi-Purpose Cost-Effective New Technologies on Show at the Fabbri Booth in Frankfurt

The international Meat Industry definitely gave a high liking-rate to the Fabbri most recent technologies for time-saving and cost-effective combinations of skin, skin-pad and MAP packaging on the XPEED platform during the last IFFA show in Frankfurt. Fabbri Group chose IFFA also to present its new advanced packaging solutions for the Meat Producers worldwide, regarding 3 main different fields:

Automac 40 responds to the diverse needs of high-volume food processing facilities in terms of usability, speed, versatility, compactness and strength. Made in stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials, it is available in 2nd film reel version, allowing for continuous production with minimal interruptions and allowing to pack contemporarily with two different packaging materials such as PVC or Non-PVC. It works with all major stretch films available on the market, reaching the best performances with Fabbri Group’s films in plain form or in printed form for additional communication and branding. It works at the max. speed of 40 ppm.

Fabbri Group Instore Software is the innovative software dedicated to the data management of single or centralized weighing systems and labeling systems in the Point of Sale or in packaging rooms.

Initially developed to empower the offer of the Fabbri Elixa Libra machines, it is now able to manage entire weighing and pricing systems installed in different or in a single point of sale.

Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, it can respond to the needs of different company departments, easily managing all the necessary data requirements of the weighing and pricing activities, such as lots with receipt details, food traceability, ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and any other data.

The versatile architecture on which this solution is based also allows it to interact, in full IT security, with a wide variety of accessory platforms, ranging from multimedia to apps.

The accessibility to the centralized data of FG Instore Software becomes therefore a valuable source of information for the various management activities in Retail organizations.

BIOBASED STAR FILM and Nature Fresh Compostable Stretch Films are the new Fabbri sustainable solutions all to be discovered.